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Hermes Birkin Bags China Wholesale


The gathering thread is Machine a little below the tacking, then remove the tacking, being careful not to stretch the armhole. Thread a sashiko or other large-eye needle with white sashiko or #8 perle cotton thread. Fold back the excess at each end to overlap and conceal the side binding strips when the binding is hem stitched in place. Hermes Birkin Bags China Wholesale. Cut pieces of fusible web that are slightly larger than each of the five applique templates (see pages 106-108). If you must join strips for a longer length, sew an angled seam to prevent excess thickness at the spot where the binding is turned. Carole placed the Square -Within-a-Square blocks on point and defined them with a frame of sashing and cornerstones (sashing squares). Hermes Birkin Bags China Wholesale.
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