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Interpreters Office
 United States District Court, Southern District of New York

Hermes Bags Sale Australia


With front and back sections facing together, pin, tack and machine side seams. Between block rows, lay out remaining sashing strips and sashing squares in horizontal rows, with 6 strips and 5 squares alternating in each row. On right side of bodice and above piping, pin bodice to skirt matching side and centre back seams. Hermes Bags Sale Australia. Sew row to remaining side of star; then add another pair of N triangles to end of row to complete center unit. In the same manner, stitch the 4" x 23/4" multicolor batik strips lo the quill side and then llie top and bottom edges. Fold each purplish-pink stem strip in thirds lengthwise, slightly overlapping the raw edges in the center of each strip as shown. Hermes Bags Sale Australia.
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